step_ya_game_up (step_ya_game_up) wrote in hate_for_bush,

Hey, My name is Meaghan, I`m new to this community...I`m mostly just going around ranting and raving about my thoughts, so I thought why not say what I think about Bush..

Okay, first of all I understand why we would go to war after somebody bombs us, but not with the totally wrong country. What I am EXTREMELY upset at is that there might be a draft. My boyfriend would have to be drafted obviously & the only reason I wouldnt is because I have bipolar and shit, and it just bugs me that all of us know he`s going to send all the poor & middle class kids to war,when HIS kids arent going to be out there fighting, oh no not his precious children, he has to bring everyone elses out there to fight,die,& get hurt, while his whole family is at home watching tv or ordering people around. That's unfair and wrong. In my point of view, He`s a fucking idiot, and if he wants to go to war at least go to war WITH THE RIGHT COUNTRY. Now all the other countries fucking hate us, So if the war gets bigger none of them will help us, and all of this is because of a narrow minded piece of shit president who has a fetish for getting oil.

Another thing, maybe this is just me....But doesn't it seem weird that Bush won the election...I mean, maybe I`m wrong...But EVERYWHERE I went I saw anti bush everywhere, and bush jokes & parodies. It seemed that not alot of people liked him, & were just fed up....but then he won the election?....idk im probably just being stupid but that does rub off on me wierd. I mean you can basically go anywhere and shit on Bushes name without worrying, cause pretty much you just expect that they hate him. It's just my opinion , but I think that something was going on in that election.
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