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So very truly petrified.

Bush will be the end of us. Not Bush, but what he has started. He did nothing to stop 9/11 despite the obvious signs. He sent us into a war knowing it would do nothing but build anti-american sentiment and grow the terrorist threat and he's using that very tool, THAT FEAR that someday, somehow, somebody else will attack us to systematically rob us of our civil rights. To DISMANTLE the very thing that makes America so beautiful. Slowly but surely the GOP is dismantaling federalism and concentrating power in Washington. "All the better to MAKE YOU SAFE FROM AN ATTACK WHICH BY THE WAY


" they say.

"The only thing to fear, is fear itself." -Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Remember that small, simple sentence the next time you're worrying about terrorist bombings. The next time you are AFRAID ask yourself why you are afraid. Ask yourself WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT FEAR! And ask yourself, WHO'S BENEFITTING FROM IT.

But RIGHT FUCKING NOW ask yourself this: If the goal of the terrorists responsible for the trajedy of 9/11 was to INCITE TERROR and breed FEAR among the American people, what did they expect as a result? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING WOULD HAPPEN!? Did they really think that they would survive? No. I'll tell you what they were expecting, they were expecting the worst of American and wester greed to show it's ugly face and exploit that fear that permeated the western world, they were expecting the powers in the United States of America, the country FOUNDED ON REBELLION, to start reighning in it's citizens, to start to take FASCIST CONTROL OF THE POPULATION knowing full well that we would not tolerate it. They know that the people of a nation FOUNDED on FREEDOM and founded BY rebels would never sit down and let a government take control of them in such a manner. They know that if the government continues to tighten it's grip on us and strip us of our rights WE WILL STAND UP AND WE WILL FIGHT. And that, they hope, will be our undoing. They hope that in the aftermath of destroying the western worlds most pivotal empire we will either a) give them an opportunity to strike or b) consider that maybe, JUST MAYBE their cause is worth fighting for.

"The western world is epitomized by the USA, and look at what it's doing to us now? LOOK! maybe the terrorists were right...." is what they are hoping to make American's think...perhaps.

Call me paranoid, call me delusional, but our rights are melting away and soon, too soon, we will be a fascist, totalitarian or dictatorial country. Mark my words. The end has begun and I can see it. And I am running as soon as I can.
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