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JOHN FUCKING BOLTON (and no, not the singing one)

okay..John Bolton for UN...great idea. After Wolfowiscz, a major driving force behind the war(s) in Iraq and former head of the Pentagon, for head of the World Bank because he's "used to managing a large staff.." (<~Bushy) nominating John Bolton, an ultra-conservative who at one point made the claim that the United Nations did not even exist for AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED NATIONS is just logical...if you're Bush.

Let's see...What are the arguements I can find in the blogosphere for nominating John Bolton for UN ambassador?
    After years of reports of abuse, corruption, mismanagement and just plain idiocy on the part of the United Nations, he has the unmitigated gall to actually point out the abuse, corruption, mismanagement and just plain idiocy on the part of the United Nations. How dare he?!?

    Either the United Nations is a waste of time and valuable New York real estate, or it's worth salvaging. If it's worth salvaging then we need people who are willing to address the problems, not pretend they don't exist. But that's not the way Liberals see it.

WOW! THE UNITED NATIONS IS CORRUPT!?!?! I never knew that!

If any body can recognize corruption, it's John Bolton. After all, takes one to know one, right? One thing I've noticed about Bush's "presidency" is that it's often full of haunting re-runs. Consider for a moment that this isn't the first time somebody name Bush has tried to thrust Mr. Bolton into a highly powerful Foreign relations position. In 1989 he was nominated (by the first Bush to be "president") for Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs. Yea, that's right, this isn't the first time we've been through this. Man I hate Re-runs. So what was the problem back then?

    Bolton's record as Assistant AG for the Office of Legislative Affairs in 1986 and 1987 merits special scrutiny. He "tried to torpedo" Sen. John Kerry's inquiry into allegations of contra drug smuggling and gunrunning, a committee aide says. When Kerry requested information from the Justice Department, Bolton's office gave it the long stall, a Kerry aide notes. In fact, says another Congressional aide, Bolton's staff worked actively with the Republican senators who opposed Kerry's efforts. (http://www.commondreams.org/views05/0330-33.htm)

whoa...this guy is interesting. This whole Bush thing is kind of like a bad murder mystery where the detective continually uncovers ridiculous ties between rich aristocrats...except this didn't cost $8 and I can't walk out when it all gets too ugly to bear.

Get's better too...
</ul>In 1986 this chum of Meese also refused to give Peter Rodino, then chair of he House Judiciary Committee, documents concerning the Iran/contra scandal and Meese's involvement in it, Later, when Congressional investigators were probing charges that the Justice Department had delayed an inquiry into gunrunning to the contras, Bolton was again the spoiler. According to Hayden Gregory, chief counsel of a House Judiciary subcommittee on crime, Bolton blocked an arrangement by which his staff had agreed to let House investigators interview officials of the US Attorney's office in Miami. Bolton refused to speak to us on the subject.

Last year Legal Times reported that Bolton, who earned $330,000 in 1984 as a partner at a blue-blood DC law firm, had contacted several private firms hoping to parlay his government experience into a lucrative lobbying job. None were interested in a tainted Meese disciple. Fortunately for him, George Bush and James Baker are less discriminating.(http://www.commondreams.org/views05/0330-33.htm)


So it looks like Bolton's a goood choice to be a member of the Bush community. Corrupt, greedy, soul-less. He'll fit right in. If you still think that he should be the one to represent the beautiful country we all call home just consider his face for a moment....
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Ugly, no?
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